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Solea Laser Dentistry – Fort Worth, TX

Versatile All-Tissue Laser Technology

Technology has had a huge impact on our Fort Worth dental office in the past several years, and we would struggle to pick just one new tool that has most improved the practice. However, the Solea laser dentistry system is definitively a front runner. When patients hear us say “laser,” they often envision the science fiction version of lasers, but today, laser are a common tool for many professions. While most dental offices now use soft tissue laser systems, the Solea laser is unique because it has numerous, customizable settings that allow to address concerns impacting both hard and soft tissue (teeth and gums). If you want to learn more about the Solea laser dentistry system or any of our other state-of-the-art dental technologies, please don’t hesitate to ask when you call to schedule your appointment with our Fort Worth dentist, Gary N. Pointer, DDS, and his dedicated dentistry team.

What is the Solea Dental Laser?

Dentist talking to patient about laser dentistry

While most laser dentistry systems work for just one type of tissue (bone or gums), the Solea laser allows us to treat all tissue, using just one system. This fast, safe, and almost anesthesia-free tool makes it easy for us to offer a number of dentistry services with minimal discomfort for our patients during treatments and faster healing times after.

Soft Tissue Services

Patient receiving laser dental treatment

We can perform numerous soft tissue treatments quickly and comfortable, including:

  • Crown lengthening (revealing tooth structure to support a restoration)
  • Gum reshaping to improve the appearance of gummy smiles
  • Removal of soft tissue lesions
  • Removal of excess tissue (lip and tongue tie therapy)

Hard Tissue Services

Closeup of laser dentistry treatment

We can also offer a number of hard tissue treatments, including:

  • Preparing teeth for restorative dentistry procedures (fillings, crowns, etc.)
  • Preparing teeth for cosmetic dentistry procedures (dental bonding, veneers, etc.)
  • Removing excess tooth enamel to improve the cosmetic appearance of the smile

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Man in dental chair with healthy smile

When we incorporate a new technology into our dental office, we look for innovative tools that make dentistry safer, faster, and more comfortable for our patients. The Solea laser system meets all of these requirements. Some of the many benefits of laser dentistry for our patients include:

  • Laser treatment is much more comfortable than many traditional techniques, and most patients remain completely pain free during treatment with just a small amount of local numbing or no anesthesia at all.
  • The Solea system allows us to remove hard tissue to prepare teeth for restoration without the need for drills that can increase dental phobia and anxiety.
  • Bleeding is minimized during and after soft tissue treatments, making laser dentistry a safer and more comfortable alternative to scalpel and suture procedures.
  • Because the soft tissue is cauterized during treatment, patients have significantly diminished risk for infection and need for retreatment compared with traditional treatments.
  • Following hard or soft tissue treatments, most patients are completely recovered within 48 hours with only minimal inflammation and tenderness.