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Teeth Whitening – Fort Worth, TX

Get a Professional Whitening in Your Own Home!

A white smile may be nice, but did you know that it could actually benefit your professional life as well? A study by Kelton Research found that after teeth whitening, people were more likely to get hired and receive a higher salary. Teeth whitening can improve the way you feel about your image, but it may also change the way others think about you. If your teeth have become discolored because of tobacco, beverages, foods, or aging, consider professional teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home. Dr. Pointer’s effective system can brighten teeth dramatically in about two weeks. Contact our office to get started on enhancing your smile with a cosmetic dentist in Fort Worth!

What Causes Tooth Stains?

A custom-made whitening tray and a syringe.

Many people don’t realize that whitening toothpastes and store-bought whitening solutions only go so far when it comes to stains on teeth. This is because stains that remain on teeth for an extended period of time seep inside of tooth enamel and eventually dentin, the layer directly behind enamel. Once stains have reached this far into the tooth, store-bought solutions are not enough to treat them because they don’t go far enough to break apart the stains.

In contrast, professional-grade whitening products exclusively provided in dental offices can reach these areas of teeth safely and effectively. Not only are they safe to use, but they have the strength necessary to permeate through tooth enamel and break apart the stains present in the layers of your enamel and dentin.

How Take-Home Whitening Works

A person removing their whitening tray.

Dentist provide far more advanced teeth whitening solutions than what you’d find in pharmacies. Also known as bleaching, these solutions carry higher concentrations of bleaching ingredients than over-the-counter whitening products. The good news is that professional take-home solutions are equally easy to use!

Dr. Pointer fabricates custom-fitted trays that fit your mouth exactly, allowing for even coverage and consistent whitening. Simply fill the reusable trays with our prescription-strength bleaching gel and wear them as directed by our office. Patients typically wear the trays for three consecutive hours or overnight and in about 14 days, your teeth will be as white as they were if you had done in-office whitening!

When your teeth show signs of staining or discoloration, you can resume treatment as needed. Our office can provide additional bleaching gel, so just give us a call if you run out!

The Benefits of Take-Home Whitening Solutions

A man smiling.

Unlike other forms of whitening, the take-home whitening solutions provided by Dr. Pointer do not require any hot lights to activate. As long as the bleaching gel makes consistent contact with your teeth for a set period of time, you can expect results that you’d typically find with in-office whitening but within the comfort of your own home.

Furthermore, whitening doesn’t have to be done around our office’s schedule. Whenever you have downtime, such as on a long trip or during your morning commute, you can whiten teeth!

Finally, since the trays made in our office are customized to fit your smile exactly, there’s no worry of whether your smile will effectively receive the whitening. One of the most common issues with over-the-counter whitening products is their inability to cover all teeth simultaneously. With professional solutions, you remove that possibility entirely.